changing clefs and octaves

• Jun 23, 2021 - 14:44

Hi, I've written out a piano piece. One section is a copy of a previous section except that I want it an octave higher in both right and left hands. The right hand part looks wrong if I just raise it an octave - lots of ledger lines. I'd rather just do what I've seen on other piano scores - write in 8----------------- above the the first note to indicate that it's to be played an octave higher than written.

How do I get the audio on musescore to carry out what I've done though? Just writing the above makes no difference to the playback.

Regarding the left hand, I thought it best to just change the bass clef to treble clef and re-write what I've copied from the first part. I tried dragging in a treble clef to the left hand part and musescore doesn't let me do it. How can I get musescore to allow a change of clef in the left hand? Thank you!


The 8--- lines from the palette are perfectly functional, so that should "just work". Feel free to attach your score so we can perhaps figure out what went wrong.

Applying a new clef from a palette "just works" too; but if you're dragging it make sure to only release it on top of the highlighted measure. Way easier is to single click/select the starting point in the score and then just single click the clef in the palette to have it be applied. Dragging is way harder.

If you want to see the "va" in the line as well, you can scroll down to the bottom of the inspector and de-select the check box "Numbers only".

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