I had an authentic tin whistle playback sound on Musescore; now I can't find it again.

• Jun 27, 2021 - 19:06

I read about tin whistle issues on Musescore from a couple years ago, but I didn't see a solution to the problem I'm having which is that I'm unable to find what was already found once--a great tin whistle sound. Going to Bb tin whistle, C tin whistle, D tin whistle, ocarina, or slide whistle or transposing these instruments as was suggested and discussed has not brought me back to the real-sounding tin whistle. I'm convinced the playback sound is contained somewhere in Musescore but can't extract it again. I've tried to copy and paste the vestige of the good sound I had found, but this only translates to the electronic whistle sound which is always produced.


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Thanks, I'm going to do that. The original tin whistle sound I like compared to the sounds in the edit you provided are as different as night and day. Thanks for it. I could really apply the authentic sound (better than my own playing, for sure). But, I suppose I'll have to just get better at playing--if I don't find the original sound.

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