Option to by default shorten all notes so they are 2/3 original duration.

• Jun 28, 2021 - 22:08

I recently noticed that very well sequenced and good sounding midi files can be produced by using the 2/3 time scale. All notes that are not staccato or marked with a slur or legato line are 2/3 of the original duration. All notes marked with staccato are shortened to 1/3 of the original duration. This would make scores and audio generally sound better. I myself use MuseScore as one of my primary midi programs. I compose ragtime a lot but I then have to manually shorten the notes to the desired length which is extremely time consuming and adding this feature would help me do away with hours of tedious and annoying work...


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The thing is, I don't know what the interval of shortening is. Staccato takes the note down by half and it annoys me sometimes, I make synthesia videos and 2/3 slash 1/3 timebase would be a really useful feature...

It also would add another bunch of unneeded work for me...

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I did notice that Marcato makes things a bit louder but not enough to be a problem. The original Staccato articulation in MuseScore unfortunately makes everything HALF duration resulting in very primitive looking midi files. I make synthesia videos as a huge part of my YouTube channel and sound has to be as good as visuals. In a ragtime bass line, I've noticed either extreme staccato or 2/3 marcato makes the jumps look nicer because you can actually imagine a hand doing the movements. Weirdly, half duration looks bad but not as bad as full duration.

23 duration might work for some specific synthesized sound or some very specific scor,e butit would sound terrible for the vast majority of music. So very unlikely there would ever be an option to simply make that the default. However, the articulation and ornament control plugins can pretty easily do this sort of adjustment.

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