Long playback delay in areas with a lot of hairpins after editing even just a single note

• Jun 30, 2021 - 08:39

I recently have noticed that whenever I make even the smallest edit to a part in a measure that contains multiple hairpins, it takes an unproductively long time to start playback, sometimes as long as 20 seconds.

When I edit a part outside of hairpins on the same score, playback is almost immediate, so it is not a score size issue. This problem is consistent across multiple devices, and I have never experienced this problem until recently, however it is present in multiple scores now.

I have attached a small portion of a large orchestral piece I have been working on.

To reproduce this problem:

  1. Press play without making any edits to factor out the delay of first time playback.
  2. Make a single edit anywhere in mm. 1-48.
  3. Press play - the delay should be around 5-10 seconds, however the delay is much worse in the full version of the score.
  4. Now make an edit somewhere after m. 48, where no hairpins are contained, but everything else is about the same.
  5. Press play - playback should be immediate.

The only solution for fast editing/playback I have found at this time is to delete all of the hairpins until I have finalized the parts, which is inconvenient but still manageable.


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