Leave all notes at the same time.

• Jun 30, 2021 - 18:47

Hello everyone!

Some time I used a tool in MuseScore where I wrote the melody then left all the notes at the same time. This was used for didactic purposes in the practice of rhythmic perception.
Could you guide me which tool or plugin to use?
Attached file for further clarification.

Thank you very much!



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Hi Jm6stringer!

Thanks for the feedback. This tool you mention is related to entering notes. I remember that I selected the melody or excerpt and applied the tool, all the notes were at the same height (line or space), based on the first note of the melody, understand?
Looks like it was activating the menu "Tools" -> "Rename heights". First I selected every song or an excerpt. It just seems like it doesn't work anymore (at least for me).

Strong hug, friend!

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Hello Jm6stringer!

Thanks for your teaching, it was really what I needed.
Performing the work I discovered another way: I select the part or the whole song -> F8 -> Correct to line.

In the menu bar "Tools" -> "Rename heights", what is the purpose of this feature and how to use it?


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