Symbol that will show what a brass instruments range is?

• Jul 8, 2021 - 19:33

Is there a symbol that can be added to your staff that shows what a brass/instruments range is?


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It's not commonly used in modern scores though - more likely you'd see a small staff fragment to the left of the staff proper that shows the lowest and highest pitches as 1/4 notes with a connecting line. Not sure how to do that easily with Musescore.

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This looks really good so far, and more familiar to my eye than the vertically connected ambitus as used MuseScore. I'm trying to visualize the steps required to create this score element. It time consuming enough that I'd carefully consider whether it's really needed in any given score.

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The ambitus style used in MsueScore is more common in early music, which is what it was developed for.

I agree that the number of steps required to make the small measures ahead of the system makes it rather less than ideal, as is the lack of control over the bracket. Instead I'd probably just insert a horizontal frame and some images.

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Also, because this kind of function is not automatic, it would probably be easiest to insert an ambitus on each stave so that the range can easily be determined, and then delete it after the graphic has been inserted. (another two steps in the process) There may be an easier way to quickly determine the range of a given staff, but other than being able to visually scan the score for ranges, I can't think what it would be.

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