Handbook entry: Adjust beam height

• Jul 9, 2021 - 17:29

Recent encounters with beams show that I may have insufficient understanding of beams to determine if the follow Handbook passage contains errors:

Adjust beam height

To adjust with the keyboard or mouse:

  1. Enter edit mode on the note beam—the right adjustment handle is automatically selected.
  2. Press Shift+Tab or click the left [sic] handle to select it;
  3. Use the up/down arrows or drag the left [sic] end handle to change the height of the beam;
  4. Press Esc to exit edit mode.



I think it's out of date, until quite recently there were only two handles and that's how they worked. Seemed there was recent discussion of that discrepancy, but I guess no one got around to updating the Handbook yet.

Indeed, that is how it used to work, but now there's the middle handle to change the height.
Not sure when exactly that changed, 3.5(.2) already has the 3 handles, 3.3.4 has only 2.
I guess it is that way since 3.4 (I don't have a 3.4.x to test though), same release that changed palette items to apply via single click. I've amended the handbook accordingly.

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