The Shift key is not detected when defining some shortcuts

• Jul 16, 2021 - 12:50

I am trying to define a shortcut that uses Shift + Up as a hotkey, but the Shift key is not detected when I press it in the "Enter Shortcut Sequence" menu. It is strange that for some other hotkeys this key is detected (e.g. Shift + A, Shift + B, Shift + C...).

I found this Musescore page reporting the problem. However, it is dated December 2014:

Is there currently, as of 2021, any solution available to fix this problem?


Indeed, this

      // remove shift-modifier for keys that don't need it: letters and special keys
      if ((k & Qt::ShiftModifier) && ((e->key() < 0x41) || (e->key() > 0x5a) || (e->key() >= 0x01000000))) {
            qDebug() << k;
            k -= Qt::ShiftModifier;
            qDebug() << k;

esp. that || (e->key() >= 0x01000000) excludes arrow keys here, the Up key sends 0x1000013

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