Command Pallette Plugin Upgrade

• Jul 20, 2021 - 03:03

I have found the Command Palette plugin to be a useful tool for exploring commands to be used in plugins. But it appears to be based upon the 250 or so commands from:…

Which in turn is based upon the commands in cmd.cpp and scoreview.cpp

However the shortcuts.cpp file contains all but 4 of the above commands plus another 200 (approx.) additional commands.

Furthermore, shortcuts.cpp contains additional information about the commands such as a short description of what each command does.

I have therefore created two revisions to the original command palette plugin. The first uses the existing interface, but uses the commands form shortcuts.cpp - but also displays extra information such as the description. To see all the extra information you will need to make the command palette UI significantly wider.

The second version (also using shortcuts.cpp as the command source) modifies the UI by adding horizontal and vertical scroll bars, and a number of other changes that more reflect the way I use the the plugin. These changes include:
1) The UI stays visible after executing a command (but not the necessarily the window that has the focus).
2) The UI is now a window that can be resized and has close, minimise and maximise buttons.
3) Once a command has been executed it is highlighted by a 'purplish' background until another command is executed or the search filter is modified.
4) Right click on a command highlights the command in a yellow background. This is for highlighting a row if you wish to scroll horizontally to see additional information about the command.
5) The black background has been changed to white - this was not a design feature - it was simple a result of my very limited knowledge of qml/Qt limit.
6) Using arrow keys and hitting enter to execute command does not work. Simply because I forgot about it until writing this blurb.
7) The commands have been extracted from shortcuts.cpp into a text file and a js file. both of which have been included in the zip file along with the revised plugins. The revised plugins use the js file but contain code to read the text file. But the text file is an absolute path, and I did not know how to make it a relative path.

The scroll bars overlap the scrollable text - I did not know how to fix this. Any input to fix this would be be appreciated. But as the scroll bars are see through it is not a major problem.

I could not see a way to submit these variations to the creator of the command palette plugin or as a revision to the list of plugins where the plugin is located. Again input into how this can be done would be welcome.

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