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• Jul 21, 2021 - 01:01

Is it possible to import a midi file from Logic into Musescore and then have Musescore analyze that file and generate a chord chart from the midi file?


I've figured out how to import Midi Files, but I still need guidance with having Musescore automatically analyze and and create chord symbols. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Jm6stringer for responding. First time user of Musescore, please forgive the newbie questions!
I've attached a screen shot for you. I played a simple piano interpretation of one of my songs, in Logic, then opened that Midi file in Musescore and this is what Musescore created from the file. The final intent is for a guitar player to be able to learn some of my songs, so I'd like to have this kind of simple piano score, but also including chord symbols above the notation, so he can follow along. Rather than typing in each and every chord manually, is there some sort of analysis possible, during translation of the midi file, that will automatically show what the chord is? Or an analysis of the subsequent Musescore notation that will "see" what the chords are?
In Logic, as you scroll over a midi chord, it shows what chord is being played. Sadly, newer versions of Logic do not allow for these chords to be placed into their "score" window. Musescore was an attempt to make it happen.
Any advice? Thanks so much for your help.

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Determining appropriate chord symbols to use is an AI task and not something built in to MuseScore or something I'd ever expect to get meaningful results from. but you can try one of the plugins that has been created to attempt this sort of thing - see Download / Plugins. You'll see a number of variations on the idea of "Chord Identifier".

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Thanks for responding! I'm trying to find anything called "chord Identifier" but no luck so far. When you say "see Download/Plugins", is that on the Musescore site, or is it inside the program? Under Plugins/Plugin Manager, this is what I see.......(see attached)
Is there another place I should be looking to find Chord Identifier?? Thanks for your advice!

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Looking at your screenshot (especially measures 19 - 25) shows that chords are already part of the score. Although I have never used the chord identifier plugin, this score might be worth a shot.

I thought perhaps you had a tune that you whistled (i.e., single note melody) and wanted to a "fit" a chord accompaniment to it -- having no chords actually spelled out in the score at all.

BTW: If you get bewildered by the plugins it wouldn't be that difficult to enter the chords manually. There are repetitious sequences and the score looks like it's only 2½ pages long.

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