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• Jul 22, 2021 - 14:40

Hi, I have downloaded the trial version and was very impressed.....but, when I came back today I cant find the score I saved. Also when I saved the score as a pdf to my computer and printed it it came out in black and white and also the notes had changed from red dots to square boxes and not solid. Can any one help please as I would like to buy the full version but not if I cant find how to do the most basic things. Thanks Mike


There is no trial version either.
The score is, once saved, exactly at the same spot the day after. Unless you delete it...
That the PDF is black on white is normal, some colors in the score are just visible during note entry
No idea about those red dot vs. empty square boxes, you'd need to share the score here. Might be due to using some odd font?

And for doing (much more than just) the basic stuff: check

As mentioned, there is no trial, it's free now, free forever, no possibility to pay for it even if you wanted to.

The score you saved is in exactly the same folder you saved it to. If you never changed from the default, that is Documents/MuseScore3/Scores. If you changed to a different folder when saving, then of course you'd have to remember what that folder was, we can't really help you there. But you could try saving a new file and this time pay attention to what folder it tries to save it - it will default to the same folder as you used last time.

Music is indeed black and white, not sure what red you were expecting. If you changes some notes to red yourself, though, they will print red, assuming you have a color printer. As for "boxes", my guess is you tried creating the PDF using some sort of unsupported third party PDF "printer". Don't do that; they can't read MuseScore's fonts correctly. Instead use File / Export.

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