nested tuplets improvement (1) and irrationnal time signatures (2)

• Jul 29, 2021 - 16:59

1) Hi, currently it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to make a nested 4:5 tuplet into any other tuplet, to be more precise, it is impossible to nest a tuplet with a ratio of n:x for x different from 2^n or 2^n+2^(n-1)
It would make, I think, a lot more sense if we could tuplet into let's say 5 16th note by simply selecting all of them at the same time and adding a tuplet. currently, doing that doesn't work and make a tuplet into EVERY 16 notes selected.........
Please, that's the third time I tell this problem, I hope someone can read this and change the tuplet system so we can really make everything we want...

2) The second thing I'd like to request is irrationnel time signatures, not like 4/pi, I'm not crazy XD but more like 7/12 or even 5/27, it should be possible to make a bar of let's say 4 whole beats and the last is only 4/5 as long as the other so the whole bar is a 19/20 time signature and the last beat is ritten as a quintuplet but with only 4 notes inside.

By the way, we should also be able to split into tuplets, that would make a lot of thing easier :/

Thanks for reading, I REALLY hope that those will one day be corrected/improved ;)
Also, appart from that, I really enjoy using musescore so, yeah, thanks for that ^^


I have this exact problem. In my case, I want to create an eighth-note sixtuplet containing a 4:5 tuplet. I've read the How-To on how to create nonstandard tuplets ( However, it doesn't work here since the sixtuplet cannot be split.

I support BalthazarDash's proposed solution, which would allow us to simply select a range of notes (in my case, five eight-note sixtuplets) and replace them with any tuplet.

I have enjoyed working with musescore a lot so far and would be really happy to see this issue getting resolved.

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