Moving multiple chord symbols

• Aug 3, 2021 - 00:37

On one of he lines in my lead sheet, all the chord symbols are well in line horizontally but all are are little too high above the notes. Is there a way that I would be able to move them all down at the same time while they keep their original positions with respect to one another just lower. I was able to highlight the entire line of chord symbols but could not move them. I tried the down arrow, Ctrl down arrow, alt down arrow, shift down arrow. I may have forgotten to click my heels. :)

Thank you in advance for your help.


But better still to simply adjust the style setting to get the look you want by default so you don't need to adjust them manually (which will break if the layout ever changes, including if the chart is transposed, or system breaks are added or removed).

If you attach your score, we can see what is going on advise better.

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