No response from export or Save As

• Aug 3, 2021 - 09:57

I'm finding that if I click on 'Save As' or 'Export' and then 'Export' again on the pop up absolutely nothing happens. It doesn't give me any options or ask for a path to file the document, it doesn't create a document - literally nothing happens.

I've tried restarting, made sure I have the latest version etc but can't seem to get any response.

If I click 'Save' it will save the document but I can't choose to save it with a different file name or create a pdf.

I have tried reverting to factory settings and now File Open is completely unresponsive as well!

I may well be doing something wrong but most programmes are fairly intuitive at this level .

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


I'm not sure I follow what you mean when you say you press Save As then Export - there is no "Export"
button within the Save As dialog - but I gather at some point you are pressing something that is supposed to display a dialog and isn't. Which indicates you probably moved the dialog off screen and it is appearing there. Check the edges of your display carefully, you may see a small remnant of it that you can use to drag it back. If not, you can do Help / Revert to Factory Settings. Or if you've done a lot of customizations to your shortcuts and palettes and don't want to lose them, go to Download / Plugins in the menu above on this page and grab the plugin to reset window positions.

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Hi Marc, they are two separate things I can’t do. When I select Save As from the menu I get nothing. When I select Export I get the pop up box asking me to choose the format of export but when I select pdf and then click Export in the pop up, nothing happens.

I did try closing everything else down so I could see the dialogue box with no luck but I will try again and see if it is somehow off screen.


It's only trial and error, but does it work by using the corresponding shortcut? Also, if you start MuseScore from the command line, do you get an output after selecting these menu items?

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Glad it's working!

BTW, I mentioned dragging the dialog offscreen, but another possibility as to the cause is, you might have had a change in your display settings (or indeed of the physical display itself) since the previous time you used the dialog. If so, that might explain why the reboot was needed, if somehow your OS's settings were off a bit after the change.

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