Default positioning of accents

• Aug 6, 2021 - 02:27

Hi, I have a question on how to change the distance from the notehead to the accent articulation to align them with the accents with stacatto and tenuto, it should always look like the first bar of my example that I fixed manually. I tried to use the function to select similar elements but it selects all accents, including the ones that have staccato, I also tried to change the positioning from the inspector but I cannot set the new position as the default and I did not find any option in the menu Format> Style to change this.
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" I did not find any option in the menu Format> Style to change this"
I don't think that the menus in Format > Style go down to the sub-type level for Articulations (which is what you would need).

But if you want your "Accent above" always to be offset vertically by a larger amount, you can add a special accent to your Articulations palette:
1. Add an "Accent above" to a note in your score.
2. Select the accent.
3. In the Inspector increase the Element's "Minimum distance" to 0.90 or 1.0 sp.
4. Hold Ctrl+Shift [Mac: Cmd+Shift], and drag the new accent to your Articulations palette.
5. Right-click the new accent in the palette and choose "Properties..."
6. Change the description to something helpful e.g. "Accent 0.90 offset".

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