• Aug 10, 2021 - 18:42

When "you' hover over something in the palettes, it tells you what it is. Great.
But how much more useful if it mentioned the shortcut, assuming one had been assigned? Well I think so and for blind users, it might be doubly useful as a reminder?


I know the palette code has been at least partially rewritten for MuseScore 4, and there may be changes yet to come to make it possible to define custom shortcuts. I would hope when that happens, tooltips would be included. may or may not be feasible in the current code, not really sure, but it would probably need to be rewritten when the shortcut customization becomes possible, so probably best to wait. Maybe someone who is more familiar with the current status and plans could comment?

As for blind users, hovering is of course not so much a thing, but hearing the shortcut read as you navigate the palette with the cursor keys would indeed be great!

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