Cannot get dynamics marks to apply properly

• Aug 11, 2021 - 19:37

Hi. I'm working on a song, and have run into a real problem. Using the grand staff, when I apply a dynamics mark to a note in a measure in the treble staff of a grand staff, it will work fine, but it applies to BOTH the Treble and Bass clefs, even if I use only "Part" in the Inspector. For example, if I use "ff" in one clef, it will change BOTH clefs, even if I indicate "Part" instead of "Staff" in the inspector. Likewise, if I apply a separate dynamic to the treble and bass clefs to a note in a measure, they will not change! For example, if I apply an "ff" dynamic to the treble clef, and a "PP" dynamic to the base clef, the "PP" dynamic will NOT change the bass clef. It still remains loud, as "ff".

It doesn't matter which note in a measure I use.
This appears to be a new bug. It worked fine a few weeks ago.
I've attached a test score to play with. Change any dynamic, anywhere, and see if you can get it to work separately on different lines.

Please help. I use dynamics constantly. Thanks

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To be clear: Part is the default for dynamics, meaning it applies to the entire piano part - both staves. That's the norm in piano music - pianists always assume a dynamic applies to both staves. So it's good to use dynamics, and most of them should be left at theior deault, applying to both staves, because that's how dynamics are normally used. But when you have special cases where you want a dynamic to apply to one staff only, you need to set it to Staff. This is not new, it is how it has always been (as long as it's been possible to do this at all).

Note that if you're simply trying to bring out the melody a little the way a human musicianswould, you shouldn't really be using dyamics for that at all - people generally know to do that already. You can simply adjsut the velocity settings in the Inspector to get those sort of subtle adjustments without clutteirng up the score.

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