Loading SoundFonts (too much time)

• Aug 12, 2021 - 19:34

Hi. I'm working in Reaper so I have a lot of VST plugins and I think because of these VST plugins - Musescore needs more time to open. ”Loading SoundFonts” - screenshot attached.
Can I do something to solve this? I remember when Musescore opened in just some seconds. Maybe I can change something in Musescore. (don't want to delete my VST plugins). Thanks for Your time.

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As 3.6.2 has no built-in VST plug-in capability at all that is almost certainly not the cause of your delay (as MuseScore doesn't load those VSTs...).

Things that do influence startup times are the actual soundfonts set as default in the synthesizer (such as the SFZs from the MDL extension). Another thing is (on windows) a currently offline default network printer.

Had this same problem (V 3.6.2) and after much futile research about soundfonts installation etc. it suddenly dawned on me that the culprit was the 'installed' extensions. See MuseScore > Help > Resource Manager. With these 'uninstalled' start-up is almost instantaneous.

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