Piano Score Template Issue

• Aug 13, 2021 - 14:24

I created a Piano Score Template (see image) In my template I set the Vocal staff to display a a standard Treble Clef (image on the left) but when I use this template it always displays the wrong clef (image on the right, highlighted blue). How can I correct this so I don't have to keep changing the Clef when I want to create a Piano Score?

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That is because a changed clef doesn't survive score creation from a template, as none of the measures are taken, but recreated from scratch.
Take your template, select the treble clef, press Del: it turns into a treble clef with optional ottava bassa. Same thing happens when creating a score from that template.

The question rather is how you got it in there in the first place, the 'Voice' instrument doesn't have it?
BTW: Your template stems from 3.3.4, seems it is time to update!

Attached an updated template (but for 3.6.2).

BTW the corresponding template that comes as part of MuseScore is indeed set up that way, with that treble clef with optional ottava bassa, and is so on purpose, to fit the needs of femal (treble clef) and male (treble cleff ottava bassa) voices. (I guess that answers my qustion from above, I guess you created your template from that?)

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