paste fingerings only?

• Aug 19, 2021 - 16:46

I want to paste fingerings from a measure to other measures in the score that don't currently have fingerings. I have the selection filter set to fingerings and I select the fingerings only and copy them to the clipboard but I cannot paste them. I get the following error: "Destination is not a chord or rest"


Hi! The selection filter is not the right type of selection here. It's for taking a range selection - something that by definition includes notes & rests - and excluding certain elements from it. You can't actually select fingerings only that way - not in a way that will make any sense anyhow, because the result is still a range selection defined by notes & rests.

What you want is a list selection - a selection that contains no notes or rests at all, only fingerings. For that, click the firs,t Shift+click the last (assuming they are contiguous). Or Ctrl+click them individually, or use any of the other methods for building list selecting, like right-clicking a fingering then seeing the commands in the Select menu that pops up. But presumably click / shift+click will do the job.

Once you've selected just the fingerings, then copy/paste works as you'd expect - Ctrl+C to copy, then click the first note of the destination, Ctrl+V to paste.

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But do fingerings paste according to note ordinal position, or relative time position? (I would definitely expect the former to be more useful, though to be honest it's pretty rare it makes sense to copy and paste fingerings unless the notes are exactly the same).
Actually I just tried it and it didn't work at all (I don't remember fingerings being a type of symbol you could paste when going through that code either).

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You're right, my mistake. Seems an odd oversight, except that as you say, it would rarely make sense unless the notes were the same too, and in which case, why not just paste the whole passage.

In this case, then, a better option for now might be to copy/paste the passage, then use repitch mode to fix up the pitches. Or, just nudge them up or down a step with the arrow keys, which is probably the main use case for wanting the same fingering even though the pitches differ.

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Arguably if it were all white notes then the same passage transposed diatonically (or of course, just into a different octave) might make sense to keep the same fingerings.
I did actually start work on some code that would allow pasting virtually anything as part of a list selection, but got stuck on the issue of note-ordinal vs relative time position. Hopefully it'll make it in at some point.

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