Special tuplets on tied rhythms

• Aug 20, 2021 - 10:27

Im trying to create a click track out of some complex rhythms which includes many different kind of tuplets. custom tuplets is very handy and I managed to achieve good results. BUT, there were few cases in which I hit the wall: in order to custom tuplet you should select a note duration equaling the total duration of the tuplet. what happens when the duration in mind is impossible to create in one note?
for example: I want to create a tuplet of four 1/16 notes on a time duration of 5/16. in other words 4:5. connecting 1/4 + 1/16 and choosing them will not give possibility to create a tuplet. connecting 1/8+dotted 1/8 gives the same result - nothing.
Representation of rhythms connected in a tie is not tuplettable... is there a way to represent 5 something in one note? would be a huge surprise to discover!
is there a workaround?

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"Representation of rhythms connected in a tie is not tuplettable"

If your tie crosses a barline, then I don't think you can create a tuplet which spans a barline.
But if your notes are all within the same measure, there is surely no problem?

Tuplet 4-5 in 5-16 time signature.png

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You can achieve this, but it involves splitting the measure:

Creating tuplet when a single duration is not available.png

Instead of hiding the barline, it seems that you can join the last two 5/16 measures into a single 10/16 measure. I fully expected MuseScore to crash at that point, but the score saves, closes and re-opens correctly.

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"...you've changed the 5/16th into 4/16th somewhere"
Oh dear, that was a failed attempt before I realised that it was necessary to split the measure. And I meant to revert that change. The dangers of copy-and-paste!

Others readers: please use Jojo's corrected score example!

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