Transposable finger diagrams for all instruments

• Aug 20, 2021 - 14:37

I'd like to look at how we can make finger diagrams for all of the instruments. Starting with single voiced instruments and then moving on to the multi-voiced, like the violin family. I imagine that we could graphically display both equal temperament and the natural harmonic series in these diagrams.

I need to know what you call, what I call the "tonal palette." So, I'm trying to imagine what it looks like. I imagine it to be a linear series of tones. Is there more than one palette? How does the play play two notes at once?


I'm not at all sure what you are asking for. Fingering charts for all instruments are readily available. An F# on a sax (though it can be fingered different ways) is still an F# no matter what scale or key it is in. Or imaginary tonal palette, for that matter.
What the player does with that F# in any given situation may or may not depend on a scale. Nor is it necessarily exactly reproducible every time.

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Elsewhere it has been explained how this is a task for an AI algorithm. I'm not aware of anyone having expressed interest in developing one, so I rather doubt there has been any progress at all since the last time the subject came up. But if it's something you wish to see happen, by all means, feel free to get to work designing such an algorithm. And then you can tell us, instead of ask us, how it's going :-)

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