dynamic,velocity,velocity change

• Aug 21, 2021 - 22:04

Linux/Chromebook MS 3.6.2
I made a similar comment in bug report. Could we have a way to globally "permanently' change 'dynamics', 'dynamic velocities' in MScore? Having to make the same changes for each movement of each work we enter is just not acceptable. Let us do this once and be done with it, or however many times we might want. Just not the same change over and over! My problem was with the choice of playback 'velocity change' for fp. I do not agree and I do not agree with 'velocity' chosen for the dynamic. If we could all make permanent choices (once) for how we feel the velocities should sound it would be more comfortable for all. Thanks.


I responded in the other thread regarding the behavior of fp, which as far as I can tell is correct. But more generally, regarding the desire to customize things - yes, this feature already exists. Simply change any dynamic in your score however you see fit, then Ctrl+Shift+drag it back to your palette for future reuse. You can also delete the original version if you want.

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