Certain instrument experiencing playback/export glitches

• Aug 26, 2021 - 01:02


After scouring these forums for hours, troubleshooting and attempting a wide variety of other solutions, I've been unable to fix this issue that my score has been facing for a good few days now.

During playback of a score I'm working on in Musescore 3, every time it reaches a certain particular point in the score that is quite intensive, one particular instrument (namely, 2nd Chiptune Drumset) experiences a variety of glitched out rhythms. Specifically, it'll play a half a beat behind or sometimes not play at all, as well as sometimes deciding to lag out the rest of the score and delay it by a half-beat while it plays on time). This always happens at the same few points throughout this particular segment of the song. After expending all my other resources, I have absolutely no idea how to fix it and are now resorting to requesting for assistance here. If you have any ideas on how to potentially fix this issue, please let me know. I'll attach a shorter example file that includes the segment in particular here as well.

To clarify, I'm using the latest version of Musescore 3, and are using only 2 soundfonts: 8bitSF and GeneralUser GS. My computer was recently upgraded and should be able to handle any potential lag issues. I've also attempted a variety of other solutions, such as resetting Musescore, my computer, splitting up the same percussion section between multiple instruments (which is why there are four drumsets), adjusting volume in the Synthesizer, adjusting panning levels in Mixer, and more.

Any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated, as I want to finish this in time for September, and these playback issues are the only thing preventing that release at the moment.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

(It likely goes without saying, but the same issues happen when the file is exported directly via Musescore in .wav format. Actually, the issues seem to be more prevalent and exaggerated in the export than they are in playback.)

(Also, I feel it's important to mention that some issues only happen when playback is started from the very beginning of the track, or from way earlier than the issue. Attempting playback near or on the problem notes causes them to playback correctly, which is... weird. Almost like there is some sort of issue happening with the length of playback causing the glitches, but idk)

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I'm having an identical issue with export to wav and also playback. Playback starting in the "problem measure" works fine, while going to an earlier point in the score causes the drum track to get... creative. And the wav file is even more nutty, but only the drum track. I love musescore, and it's breaking my heart right now. I hope this problem gets fixed. I appreciate all the folks that help create musescore and keep it growing.

(macOS 10.16, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34)

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Update: After fixing the measures that had too many or too few beats, which caused a "corrupt file" error message, and after adding a new time signature any time I wanted to alter the length of a bar (e.g., change 4/4 to 5/4 if I want to add a beat to one or two measures) the percussion weirdness is resolved. It was my fault, not Musescore's. It's a great program.

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