Figured Bass Slash 4

• Aug 27, 2021 - 05:27

I am in the middle of re-engraving an old manuscript and found my self face to face with a slash 4. Apparently musescore does not think such a thing exists. But as I have found it in the wild I was hoping that it could be added. Also, and of slightly lesser importance , it would be nice to be able to add a * to the figured bass so that I can put a note about it at the bottom of the score.



The ability to support arbitrary slashed numerals makes sense, I'd recommend posting this as an official Suggestion to the issue tracker. Best to also include a scan of the original. Meanwhile, consider using the Figurato font for this particular notation (, assuming it supports it. Or placing the slash manually as a separate element,

For the "*", I would definitely say that should be added as a separate symbol, same as if you wanted to put one anywhere else (like next to a note, or an articulation, or a hairpin, etc.

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This forum is for discussing a proposed feature to make sure there is consensus on how it should work (and verify it isn't already there). The issue tracker is the permanent record of the requests once they are more or less finalized. Same for bug reports - if you think you have discovered a potential bug, best to discuss on the forum first to be sure, then once confirmed as an existing bug not already in the database, you add it to the issue tracker.

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