How do I unview individual parts?

• Aug 27, 2021 - 19:34

So sorry if its been answered, but I wanted to view individual parts in my song, so I went to "File - Parts ' All parts" and got each part shown separately in the main window. Now ... how do I turn that off ... unview all parts so that only the main score (with all parts shown as one), is displayed? How do I unview the individual parts?


Unless I'm misunderstanding something, you shouldn't normally delete the parts. If you want to view the score, simply click the left-most tab - the one with the score name in it. Deleting parts is not something you should normally do. If you don't want to view them, then don't view them, but leave them alone so they are there for when you do want to view them.

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Sorry for any misunderstanding. I agree I don't want to delete any parts ... I just want to return to the default view, when only the total master part is shown, and not all the individual parts aligned along the top of the window. Is there a way to return to the master view with only the single total part shown?

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If you went to File>parts>All parts you created parts for each instrument. Creating parts means that the stave or staves for each instrument are copied to a separate tab, one per instrument so that each player can have their own individual part. The original staves are still there in the main score. You can see the main score by clicking on the leftmost tab as Marc said. If you don't want to see the tabs for each part: a) don't create them in the first place, b) if you already created them go to the File>Parts dialogue and delete each one shown in the upper panel.

See for more detail and come back here if that doesn't help.

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But note that is a destructive process. Any formatting or layout modifications you made in the individual parts after you create them will be lost when you delete them.

I find the best way to work is to enter all notes, articulations, dynamics, key changes, time signature changes, system and stave text in the score and only create the parts when that is all done. Then I start to work on the formatting, adding system and page breaks etc in the score and individual parts.

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To be clear: when looking at the view with the individual parts listed on tabs, the left-most tab is the one you want. The tabs for the parts stay there but cause no harm whatsoever. They remain so you can easily revisit a part just as easily as you are now visiting the score. it would be a major pain to need to continually activate specific commands to show or unshow the parts. So instead it's as simple as clicking the tab you want - the left-most one to see the score, one of the others to see the part, no extra hiding/unhiding steps requires.

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