Multiple keys on a music sheet

• Sep 12, 2021 - 09:37

Hello there!
I am creating a sheet music for Hey Brother by Avicci, but I face an issue when it comes to keys. As you all know, the place for, for example, Bb in bass clef is not the same in treble clef. So.............. when I want to have the notes Bb and Eb in bass clef and add the key, the same key is added to the treble clef. I do not how to explain it, so please take a look at the pictures.
How can I make it Eb and Bb in the treble clef without doing any changes in the bass clef?


Simply select the 1st measure of any stagg and in the palette click the key sig with the 2 flats, it'd apply and adjust correctly for any of the others.
If you really want different key signatures on different staves (AKA local kay signature), select the 1st measure of that staff andf press Ctrl when clicking on that key sig in the palette

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