Allow multiple note select for Add Tempo or Staff Text

• Sep 16, 2021 - 00:04

It would be very useful if you could select multiple notes in a score and have Tempo or Staff text added to all of them with one click, like you can with dynamics or articulations. The way it would work is that you could select more than one note, and the text you put above any selected note would appear above all selected notes.

This would be save a lot of time in choral scores, since choral singers are typically given full scores rather than parts, and they like to see not only dynamics but also other text repeated for each staff, so they won't have to keep looking at the top staff (if it isn't their staff) to see them.


You can do this already, any custom staff text you have added to your palette can be added in a single click just like the pre-defined palette elements.

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