• Sep 18, 2021 - 08:07

I just downloaded MuseScore 3 and it won't transpose a song ( Mister Sandman )


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Thanks Transpose function was grey ( not an active link ) on MuseScore 3 I established that it was because I had selected open with Edwin -- when I opened the score without Edwin Transspose became active again.
I'm not great with computers or MuseScore and I was lucky this time. I don't know who or what Edwin is , but as I am more interested in basically getting the music and changing key for vocals I'm happy.
Howard from Melbourne Victoria Australia

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thanx -- The plot thickens -- now I can's open MuseScore 3 it was great while it lasted.
I have tried downloading again -- no good -- I will try Via command line etc ---
When / if I get it working I would be happy to subsribe as I think it's a lot to give as a freebee.
Regards Howard from Down under

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