Eighth note beams

• Sep 18, 2021 - 21:53

Fellow musescorers - how can I get musescore to not connect the beams for 3 eight notes in a row. What if I want one with a flag, and two connected by a beam? It seems impossible. Try opening a new score and starting with 3 eighth notes. They will all be connected by a single beam and it looks like a triplet. I hate it - no other engraver that I know of does this. How do I fix it? I'm no newbie, been using musescore for years. Help!

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To be clear: it should take only a single click of the palette. Select the note where you want the beam to break (eg, the third note in your example), click the "beam start" icon. You can also define a keyboard shortcut for this action in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

In general, you can set the default beaming in time signature properties, but unfortunately we don't yet provide a way to break beams for groups of three only.

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