Notating a piece(Animation by Lily Woodruff)(thread and questions I have are down below)

• Sep 22, 2021 - 07:59

Previously started a thread but I'll move that here unless this is the wrong format.
My question(s) are down below.
Please scroll deep down to find questions that are unseen.
the piece(converted from library of congress):


(I hope the new questions can be seen despite being at the bottom)
How is this created?
things that confuse me about these notes:
1. they look like quarter notes but it doesn't match 4/4
2. It has one note but it looks like a triplet
(I don't need help on inputting the tremolo)
Screenshot 2021-09-24 101158.png

(when answering a specific question(s), please select the number(s) that you are answering)
1. So I'm assuming this is a marcato but the ink faded but is it just ok to assume that it's a marcato?
2.So there's no line in between and I set the higher note to a b. Is that correct?(check .mscz if needed)
Screenshot 2021-09-26 184057.png
3.How do I keep the copyright sign in page 2 only(not 1)?
.mscz if necessary:

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(additional questions)
(time signature is c or 4/4)
4. Are these supposed to be 16th notes or do I just make an 8th note triplet with the duration of a regular 8th note?(I did the 2nd one but I want to make sure that it's correct)
Screenshot 2021-09-27 103943.png
5.Do I just input them as quarter notes, hide the rests in between, or just keep the 8th note rests as is?
Screenshot 2021-09-27 103749.png

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I don't seem to find a recording of the piece besides my musescore file...
I also don't seem to find a better engraved version
but I can guess based on other measures
the piece also doesn't seem to be very well-known
I put seem because they are purely based on my observation and time searching on the Internet.

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is it the pdf that is badly engraved or how I notated the piece that you are talking about?(since I'm just continuously correcting any mistake stated)
and do you have something to say about my question number 3 (go back to my comment)
point out the parts of the picture that were badly engraved

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The PDF has many irritating errors (IMHO):

Ottava lines: did they not have rulers in 1884?
Using a DC in measure 6 instead of just a repeat barline
Getting the beats per bar wrong, e.g.
- Bar 9 (under pomposo) - 3.5 beats
- Bar 12 - 5 beats
- Bar 16 (under Brilliant.) - 4.5 beats
The offset triplet brackets (already noted)
Bass clefs sometimes before the barline, sometimes straddling the barline
Treble clefs (bottom stave) centred on the A space in places
fff, pp etc. sometimes have the letters mal-aligned

Q3 - If you only want Copyright on one page, remove the entry from Format >Style >Header/Footer and enter text in a frame at the bottom of the page you want or attached to an element on the lowest stave of the page but beware as it could move if layout changes.

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If the questions about this score and relate to just understanding what various notations, might as well keep them here. Although from a practical perspective, the more MuseScore-related they are, the more likely they are to get responses on this site, so if they are just general "what does this notation mean" types of questions probably best to ask on a general music forum somewhere.

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