Adding parts to score

• Sep 22, 2021 - 23:53

So, I know how to seperate each part from its score to get the individual section parts. But does anyone know how to do this process in reverse? I have a couple different PDF's of parts that I would like to convert into 1 score. Is the only route just to cut and paste each measure?


Copy & paste is about the only thing I can think would work (though you can do the entire part in one go, no need to do it measure by measure), but if you're brave enough doing it in the mscx file in a text editor would ensure that everything gets copied/pasted as expected, doing it in the application will mean you'll potentially lose certain information. Having said that typically you don't want tempo markings etc. duplicated into every staff in the full score.

Copy & paste is a bit of a pain but will definitely work. Create the score with all the instruments you want, and get the key & time signature right, including any mid-score changes. Then visit each part one by one, Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+C to copy, then return to the score, click the first measure of the corresponding staff, ctrl+V to paste. Repeat for each part. You'll also need to set up things like tempo markings, repeats, and rehearsal markings in the score - only once - since they don't copy.

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