Adjusting default nr of frets on chord diagrams across score

• Sep 23, 2021 - 00:38

Hello everyone, I received notes from a copyist with chord diagrams inserted in 6 frets. I'd like to change them into 4 frets (12 different cores), to make the scores easier to read. Is there a way to set a default number of frets across an entire score? I did some research online already and the copyist didn't know either. Adjusting each individual chord would be too much of a hassle... Many thanks!


Click the first diagram
Shift-click the last diagram (thank Marc Sabatella for this!)
Set the number of frets in the Inspector

That should do it!

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The click/shift-click method was introduced somewhere around 3.5, but much easier is to set the corresponding style option:

  1. Select the first fretboard diagram
  2. Press the "S" (set as style) button on the right of the "frets" input field in the Inspector (F8)

Although you'll need an up-to-date version for that style setting in the inspector as well.

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It's true that scores created in ancient versions of MusesScore may look different in modern versions, but that's not because of bugs - it's because of all the enormous improvements made to the defaults. In most cases, scores just look better. But in a few cases, people may have made manual adjustments to work around deficiencies /bugs in the older versions, and now that those problems are fixed, those manual adjustments turn out to be counterproductive. So some amount of cleanup - mostly a matter of removing the non-unnecessary manual adjustments - may be required. generally should take more than a minute or two to correct an older score once you understand what is going on. Definitely worth it, the time saved will be significant compared to the time wasted trying to continue to edit with older versions that lack all the modern time-saving features added in the years since.

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As a start, if you load the score you attached into MuseScore 3.6.2, and in the dialog that appears, check the top three boxes and click "Apple new style", it already looks a ton better - all the inappropriate manual adjustments in the original are gone and the defaults look decent. You can also delete the unnecessary spacers (eg, right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements, Delete).

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Jeetee wrote > Select the first fretboard diagram
Press the "S" (set as style) button on the right of the "frets" input field in the Inspector (F8)

When the goal is ALL diagrams at the same number of frets you style-governed approach is a little cooler than my shift-click suggestion!


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Thank you everyone who answered.
Somehow my MS didn't want to comply with all your tips. I didn't even have the "S" button in my inspector and I had to revert each chord diagram manually. However, now that the deed is done, I'll make sure my next copyist has an identical MS version.
Btw, wouldn't it be truly awesome if all the scores will just open automagically, no matter which version they were written with? Just hoping here!
Warm regards

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