Sforzando Playback

• Sep 23, 2021 - 02:37

It would seem sforzando denoted whole notes are not playing back with any sort of realism. Either the function is not coded or it is way below the dramatic expression expected of a player. Not a huge setback for setting up sheet music, but when balancing many instruments of many base volumes, the accurate rendering would help assign base dynamics on paper.


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I just did a separate test away from my work and found that the sforzando is changing the timbre just an almost imperceivable amount, and not changing volume nearly enough. The note becomes just the tiniest bit smoother where the volume should have cut down significantly, then resuming brightness.

My training as a trumpet player (which is extremely bright by comparison to other instruments) was to cut volume back to nearly the minimum playable then crescendo back up to the normal dynamics. For any demo purposes playing of the score this is a major quality factor for pieces that rely heavily on this swell.

See the settings settings in the Inspector; they allow considerable customization. Also the Piano Roll Editor. MuseScore 4 will have some AI-like capabilities to try to get more realism happening more automatically.

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