Creating custom multimeasure rests not working

• Oct 14, 2021 - 19:50

Hey everyone, it seems that the "Ctrl shift del" function listed for Windows in the handbook isn't working. For example, I want to create several blocks of 8 bar rests as opposed to pressing M and having every rest in the score become one large block of rests. When I highlight a set of measures and do the function to make them a set of rests, nothing happens. I'm using a Surface Laptop 2. Any suggestions??


multimeasure rests is a score-wide style setting. Have another look at the handbook page, the listed shortcut is to create a full measure rest (= one complete rest filling exactly one measure)

multimeasure rests are split automatically for a number of notational reasons, if you want explicit splits; then change the measure properties to check the "break multimeasure rest" option in every 8th measure

Ctrl+Shift+Delete is not for making multimeasure rests, it is for making measure rests - the centered rest-that-looks-llke-a-whole-rest-but-isn't that appears by default in empty measures but might need to be created explicitly in some cases like if you want one in a measure with multiple voices.

As mention, multimeasure rests don't require to select anything. Just press "M" and any consecutive sequence of empty measures is detected and turned in multmeasure rests completely automatically, no need first select where you think they might need to be placed.

The reason you typically see rests broken into eight-bar sections is that there are normally either double bars or rehearsal marks or both at those locations. And MuseScore knows this too, simply add those and the rests do the right thing, again, completely autoamtically.

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