I can't find Music box on my instrument list...

• Sep 7, 2014 - 19:54

Please help me with this...


I don't think it is included in the isntrument list, because it is not an "instrument" one can normally write for. Or more particular, there is no way for a musician to play music that is written for music box. If you want to use the *sound* of a music box in the computer-generated playback, you can select it for any staff you want using the Mixer (in Display menu). You can also set the name of any staff to "Music Box" if you like using Staff Properties (in right click menu).

Mark, this is very good, that the music box is in mixer at least. If you transcribe some song for music box to be punched into paper tape, it is very helpful to hear the specific short and ringy tone, so that you can assess if filling motive by more ornamental tones is needed or not.


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