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• Oct 15, 2021 - 20:26

Hi, I just downloaded MuseScore and LOVE IT! I cannot read music, so I wrote my piece in Tablature. However, my bandmates can read music and I was wondering if there was a way that my tablature can automatically be converted to notes at the top.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide me!

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If starting from a Bass TAB-only score like this:

      Bass TAB only.mscz

• press i ... with an element (any element?) of the tablature staff selected
• select Electric Bass (in the left column, under String-Plucked)
• click Staff 1 In the right column beneath Electric Bass—this enables the Add Linked Staff button.
• click the Add Linked Staff button
• click the Up Arrow button on far right (if you want to display the standard notation to display above the tablature staff)
• click the OK button

That should result in this:

      Bass Clef and TAB staff.mscz


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