Unwanted Blue Background

• Oct 16, 2021 - 20:40

Although this is such a useful piece of software,

I am still, falteringly, discovering how to use it and, like many beginners have some questions ; -

What I would like to ask is based on the blue backgound that the score sits on.

Fom time to time, at random, a distracting section of this background brings itself, unbidden onto the screen, prompting the score to slide away.

Might there be a key, or combination of keys I can use that will prevent this from happening ?



It's not totally clear what you mean here - the background shows only if you move the score out of view. So simply don't do that, and you won't see the background. Since you say it seems to be random, my guess is you are accidentally pressing or clicking something that is scrolling your score. It's also possible that whatever you are currently doing to navigate in your score, could be done more efficiently. So feel free to describe what you are doing in more detail.

But, if you want MuseScore to help prevent you from moving the score more than a small distance from the edge of the screen, go to Edit / Preferences / Canvas and check "Limit scroll area to page borders".

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