Not putting the right notes played on the MIDI keyboard to the sheet

• Oct 19, 2021 - 14:02


When playing notes on my MIDI keyboard, they are recognized by the software since it is repeating the right sound but it doesn't transcribe the right note on to the sheet.

When playing a C, the software marks a C #, even though the pitch of the sound is right.

I've covered all the preference and settings pages i could find to try and shift down half a tone but couldnt find anything... (just transposing down the whole shifted sheet doesnt work because of the alterations complicating things)

Thank you in advance for your help,



Most likely, either your keyboard or the staff in your score is set to transpose automatically. To check if the staff is, right-click it, Staff/Part Properties, and make sure the transposition at the bottom says 0 octaves, perfect unison. If not, fix it. If that's already correct, then you'd need to consult the documentation for your keyboard to learn how to reset its transposition.

If you continue to have difficulty, please attach your score so we can verify the transposition is correct, and also say what model of keyboard it is, maybe someone else might know the procedure for resetting it.

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