Changing instrument issues

• Oct 22, 2021 - 18:35


I'm having a general issue with mid-piece instrument changes with both instruments being transposing (clarinet to soprano saxophone, clarinet to alto, to tenor and bass clarinet to baritone). When i try doing an instrument change, it doesnt automatically change the key, but even if i fix it, when i flip it into concert pitch or even leave it alone somehow i end up with entire stave key changes for no reason, and it affects all instruments. I saw some previous discussions but the terminolofy and other things confused me.

Thank you


This should work right out of the box in any recent version of MuseScore (eg, within the last couple of years or so). So if you're not current - 3.6.2 - update first, that might solve it right there. If not, please attach the score you are having trouble with and give precise steps to reproduce the problem, then we can understand and assist better.

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