How to make the score neatly?

• Oct 31, 2021 - 16:42

Hello, for the song below, after i wrote, i break them 4 bars in a row, then save and upload to musescore, but end up the score became like this, what should i do?

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Generally, the mobile apps need to be able to change sizes to fit the screen, so it's pretty normal they'd need to change where line breaks happen as well. But for discussing how those mobile apps work, best to use the groups on dedicated to them - there isn't really s lot of expertise on them over here on the MuseScore notation software support forums.

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Thanks for the suggestion! But if I understand correct, they already figured ut how to get four bars per line in MuseScore, so my job is done :-). The question appears to be, why doesn't it look the same on the mobile app, and I don't have a good answer there except to say, I don't it was ever designed to work that way - it's intended to "reflow", the same way a web page does etc.

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