Cannot download parts with a free trial of Musescore Pro+

• Nov 1, 2021 - 23:39


I tried the free trial for Musescore Pro+, but I am still unable to download ANY parts and it says "upgrade yur subsription to access parts that are not avilaable during the free trial". SO WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE FREE TRIAL IF I CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING!??!?!?

Do you have a solution?

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First see

Then see that that dialog doesn't mention parts at all, but just scores. If the uploader didn't explicitly create parts before uploading, then you can't download them.
You can however download the score as it was uploaded and then use the free notation software as offered on this site to create those parts yourself. See the equally free online handbook on how this may be achieved.

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The main part of that linked FAQ is that nobody here on the .org forums can help you out with .com issues...

Scores that are to my knowledge currently not downloadable are the so-called "official scores" and scores for which the uploader specifically disabled score downloads.

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