Section symbol pause occurs before MuseScore plays a Repeat

• Nov 6, 2021 - 08:31

By default a section symbol adds a length of "pause" imparting a sustain on the final notes in the section, like a fermata similarly placed.

Nice feature, but I was surprised to find that when a section symbol appears between forward and backward facing repeats the pause occurs once prior to the repeat.

In full playback two pauses occur: one each time MuseScore encounters the section symbol.

I would expect the repeat to play first without pause and the section induced pause would occur afterwards. Do I have an misguided expectation here?

Section break pause occurs before repeat Ex. 1.mscz

Example two is simpler and shows a similar behavior in a score with only a backward facing repeat.

Section break pause occurs before repeat Ex. 2.mscz


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