Writing Text Difficult

• Nov 8, 2021 - 23:42

The problem I have is writing Text on my Muse scores.
(this was also a problem previous to the musescore3 upgrade).

When selecting almost anything from the Text Palette, whether it be Staff Text, Expression, System Text, etc, It is always difficult to type in the wording text.

The cursor seems to be like 10 or 15 spaces in front of where the wording on the score replicates. This is fine when typing a few words or short sentences but it becomes a nightmare for editing a paragraph of expression text or lyrics.

Just to make my problem clear. When writing text (words) my screen cursor is nowhere near the text (words) being produced on the screen (score). The cursor is like 10 or 15 spaces in front. Another way of putting it is that when typing text the text shows up approximately one inch behind the cursor on the screen, I hope this makes sense, I also hope there is a simple explanation or fix for this. I've persisted with it for a long time.

Thank you in advance to anybody that can offer assistance on this.
By the way, I use Windows 10 on a notebook.

Kind Regards


Is this with the current version of MuseScore (3.6.2)? Are you by chance running on an external monitor? There are some known glitches with certain combinations of display sizes, resolutions, and connection methods (VGA is particularly problematic on Windows).

There are usually workaround to problems like this but they depend entirely on the specifics of your system, so please let as know as much as you can about your display(s), and also be sure you're on the current version of MuseScore.

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Wow Marc, Thank you, you have just fixed the one problem that I could not explain, and I've put up with it for almost two years. And it just proves what a creature of habit I must be.

Yes, I do plug an external monitor into my notebook. As the monitor screen is larger than the laptop screen I religiously have muse score on the monitor which is to the left of my notebook. I then whilst creating the muse score use the notebook screen for various other things (playing the song on Spotify, researching, etc)

As soon as I read your post I immediately pulled musescore over to my notebook screen and the text is writing normally. I feel like a dummy but am thrilled that I have t sorted.

Well done and thank you for the reply.

Kind Regards

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