Musescore Pro

• Nov 9, 2021 - 06:44

OK. I have purchased Musescore Pro. Now how do I get that on my PC so that I can use it?


MuseScore pro is a paid feature of the sharing score site, adding feature to their app for Android and iOS.
ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to do with the score editor app for Windows/linux/Mac that you can download from this site forever free.
(Well there is a link because you use the editor to write the scores to share on if you want to use that sharing score site to share your own scores)

You can download the latest full (and only) version of the free MuseScore desktop notation software on the official Download page on

The Pro subscription refers to the score sharing website on where you can download Public Domain scores (and some scores still under copyright, with a Pro subscription). You can also upload your own scores to

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