Mixer colours and saving them

• Nov 9, 2021 - 19:36

Working almost exclusively with Big Band music I like to colour the sections in specific colours. Then if I want to solo or mute a section of the score I don't need to look which instruments they are, the colours tell me.
Without colours you have to open up the entire mixer as annoyingly the names are at the bottom of each channel strip.
My question is, is there a way (perhaps in some sort of 'style' thing) to save the colours of the mixer rather than having to laboriously go to each channel in turn when creating a new score?


I've never messed with mixer colors, but what happens if you save a score to your Templates folder and use it when you create new scores? "Most" instrument settings get inherited, but I don't know about these.

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To be clear: if the template thing worked, saving any of your scores - blank or otherwise - into your Templates folder would then allow you to create new scores from it simply by selecting it from the Custom section of the dialog. but as you say, that doesn't work (and I verified that). So, no using the template directly, but you can certainly just save that file somewhere - anywhere you like - and when you want to create a new score, just open that file normally then immediately save as a new name for your new score.

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