How to paste notes onto ONLY one stave

• Nov 20, 2021 - 13:11

I am transcribing a solo piano piece, and have separate musescore files for the right and left hands. I need both hands on the same musescore file. I tried copy and pasting the left hand (the lower stave) onto the file with the right hand (upper stave), but it just replaces the right hand. How do I only copy/paste one stave?


If you copy just one staff, you'd paste just one staff too
But of course if you copy a left hand staff and paste it to a right hand one, that'd replace what is there, you'd need to paset it to a(n empty) left hand staff instead

Create a new, blank piano score with both staves. If your source files have only one stave each then copy the whole stave from the left-hand file and paste it into the new file's left-hand stave. Repeat for the right.

Would I be right in guessing that your source files have two staves but only notes on once stave each? If so, be sure to just select the stave with the notes and not both staves. Click on the first measure of the stave with your notes and select them all with [Ctrl][Shift][End] (or Mac equivalent) then copy.

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