Kind request for 2 functions: jpg export and Sinalèfe at the press of a key

• Nov 21, 2021 - 21:38

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to kindly request the implementation (if possible) of a couple of features that are important for my personal workflow, but I hope they can be useful also for other users.

Function number 1 is the ability to export scores in jpg format. Without this possibility, I am forced to export them as pdf and then convert them to jpg with another software, to make them compatible with the virtual music stand (Moraldiweb Music Manager).

The function number 2, is the possibility to use the Sinalèfe ( ) by pressing a key or a keyboard shortcut, while writing the lyrics syllabled on the notes. Many years ago, when I was still using Sibelius, I could do this with the underscore.
Associating the Sinalefe with a keyboard key avoids having to stop typing to select the symbol from the palette with the mouse.

Thank you very much in any case.

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Is the software you use really incapable of working with a standard format like PNG? That's a much better format than JPG for music - JPG is guaranteed to produce fuzzy images because it is a lossy format designed for photographs, not graphics. And if that software/device you are talking about really can't handle PNG or PDF directly, I would strongly suggest writing to them to request it, seems a very basic feature you'd expect of any music reader. Definitely makes way more sense for them to support PNG and PDF than JPG.

Ability to assign shortcuts to palette elements - whether that one or others - is a common request and one I definitely hope to see supported soon.

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So I'm not the only one who would need a shortcut to a specific symbol in the palette! This is a great piece of news.

Well, I'm hoping for this feature to be implemented soon as well.

As for the export image format, I never thought about that and I thank you for the advice, I had no idea that PNG could be better than JPG for sheet music.

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Meanwhile, it isn't clear if you've already added the symbol you want to your own palette for easier reuse, but if you haven't just drag it to any palette you like (or create a new one just for your favorite symbols). Then at least you don't have to open the Special Characters palette every time you need this.

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You wrote:
...the possibility to use the Sinalèfe by pressing a key or a keyboard shortcut...

Instead of using the 'Special Characters' palette (or that symbol added to your workspace palette) for the synalepha, have you tried entering: Ctrl+Alt - (hyphen)?

It states:
"As of 3.6: Ctrl+Alt+- or AltGr+- (Mac: Cmd+Alt+-)."

I need to update open webpages more frequently.

I did try all the way you suggested, but they did not work. I attacched a picture where you can see the result. I did try also with different fonts, different keyboard mapping. Noway. :-( My Musescore is 3.6.2 my OS is Ubuntu Studio.

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