How do I get the playback to sound like the instrument I am composing for?

• Nov 22, 2021 - 18:16


It should already if you told MuseScore which instruments you wanted when you created the score. That is, in the dialog that appears when you do File / New, either choose a template that includes the instrument you want, or select them from the list of instruments by clicking where it says "choose instruments"..

if you've already created a score for the wrong instruments, right-click the staff, then go to Staff/Part Properties, then Change Instrument to select the correct instrument.

The Mixer can also be used to change between sounds for a single instrument, like the varoipous different guitar sounds, or the different organ sounds. But it shouldn't be used to turn a piano into a clarinet, for example - the sound will be right but nothing else (transposing, range, clef, etc) will be.

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