Arbitrary spacing on many pages

• Nov 23, 2021 - 05:14

I have just transcribed a piece for bells, asked for system spacing every four measures. Somehow the document has allowed me to do a page break after 16 bars, which I requested, but then arbitrarily places groups of 8 measures on different pages IN different spaces on the page. I cannot figure out how to remedy this and space the piece on only 2 pages. HELP!!! Thank you! JK


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a) That is a score from 3.5.2. Update to 3.6.2
b) Remove that page break and reset all position (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R), ast least reset that 8th rest that seems to be under measure 23, but really belongs into measure 27
c) Don't use voice 3 and 4 in bass cledd, but voice 1 and 2, just like in treble clef

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To delete a break you've added, simply select it and press Delete, or to delete all breaks and start over, right-click one, Select / Al Similar Elements, then Delete.

However, the real problem here is the one Jojo mentions - it's not that there is a page break on measure 24 (there isn't), but that there is a symbol dragged way way way out of position, and MuseScore is dutifully attempting to create enough space between systems to allow that. Simply return it to its proper position fixes that. And as mentioned also, probably (almost certainly) you really shouldn't have used voices 3 & 4, and that's presumably how you ended up with rests you resorted to moving out of position. But that eighth rest needs to be there musically, otherwise someone looking at the top staff can't easily determine what beat the first eighth comes in on.

Indeed, sounds like you have accidentally added other breaks. Either that it there is simply too much content above/below the systems in question to fit more on a page. As mentioned, we'd need you to attach the score in order to do more than guess though.

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If you are expecting to get 4 measures on every system, be aware that you currently have 38 measures and 38 divided by 4 = 9 with 2 left over, and that is what you have.

To remove all system breaks go to Format>Add/Remove system breaks and select "Remove current system breaks". To remove the page break you will have to select it an use the delete key. When I do that it fits nicely on a single page.

As a player I would much prefer not to have a fixed 4 measures per system.

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